Nothing has changed

This problem,,,may not have a solution, Nothing Israel can do, or would be permitted to do, would stop the barrages for long.

What about the what-aboutism?

My latest article appears here in today's Jerusalem Post: It erupts every time someone posts something that criticizes the riots and...

Corona crisis: What would Joseph do?

"...a leader... who puts the interests of his people before his own…would find a better, more humane way to deal with the corona challenge."

Let's start a Facebook revolution!

"All I ask is that you respond in kind. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, feel free to unfriend me. Or I'll save you the trouble."

Excerpt from "Throw away the axioms"

...In the Mideast, public statements play a different role than they do in the West. In the US, reporters dutifully tote up campaign...

Halacha and COVID-19—fateful choices

How long until people rebel against this unreasonable behavior and either stop taking part in services or try a different stream of Judaism?

Coronavirus: Not all bad...

",,,no more huge, ear-splitting weddings, crowded bars, and shoulder-to-elbow restaurants...that's not a bad thing."

"Be Afraid"--the wrong message

So is the prime minister's threat of a new lockdown warranted? No, and that's not even the direction the government itself is taking.