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Iran attacks, Israel defends with near perfection

Fun night...we were up for most of it.

I don't think anyone (outside the military) believed either that Iran would fire hundreds of things at Israel, or that Israel and its friends would shoot almost all of them down.

The most significant of these extraordinary accomplishments is shooting down ALL the ballistic missiles. No one's ever done that before. It degrades the potential Iran nuclear threat. The other notable point is Jordan's involvement. I've been saying all along that I don't care what the king says, only what Jordan does. And there you are.

 We switched over to CNN a couple of times, and bailed after a few minutes. They had Esper, Trump's defense secretary, who said "Israel" when he meant "Iran," and Nic Robertson in Jerusalem had absolutely no idea what was going on. He was talking about how they're targeting Jerusalem--and though there were some interceptions over Jerusalem, it clearly wasn't the target. Jeez.

Now the next test--can Israel respond with its head instead of its dick for a change. It's a chance to build a real anti-Iran coalition--or Israel can continue to alienate everyone. I wish we had a government that would make that a non-issue.

So the fun continues...and there's still that matter of Gaza, Hamas, and 134 hostages.

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14 abr

Kol hakavod. KEEP talking. Eventually someone able to make a difference WILL listen

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