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Walk through 46 years of Israel's thrilling history alongside me, discover what I discover, feel what I feel, grow with me, appreciate the miracle of Israel. You'll find an Israel that was once weak and arrogant, developing over the years into an Israel that is strong and afraid--and like me, you'll wonder why.


This is our most important question:


Correspondent MARK LAVIE explains how we get it wrong, and how it distorts Israeli politics.

His new book guides you to the truth in real time. Walk with him as he discovers Israel and is developing reality, alongside his posts as reporter, editor, and broadcaster for NPR, NBC, AP, and CBC.

Follow him through the decades to these surprising conclusions:

  • Israel was weak but arrogant in the ‘70s.

  • Israel is strong but frightened today.

  • The 1973 Yom Kippur War traumatized the people.

  • More recent traumas seem just as serious—but they’re not

  • Anti-Israel groups like BDS make noise but do little harm.

  • Israelis keep voting on “security,” but the real issues are domestic! Friends abroad see mostly security issues, too.

“Why Are We Still Afraid?” is available on Amazon. Here’s a review:

Following a gala book launch at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, MARK LAVIE offers your community an entertaining and informative multimedia presentation. Contact him today while dates are still available!




If you truly want to understand Israel and the developments that have been driving it over the past half-century, then Mark Lavie’s sweeping narrative is the perfect place to start. Based on Lavie’s rich experience as a working journalist in Israel and the region for the past 46 years, Lavie provides stories which bring the fascinating history of modern-day to Israel to life and add much-needed context to bare news headlines. As his clear and insightful writing shows, Israelis have no need to be motivated by fear. --Jeff Barak, former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post.

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“Mark Lavie's "Why Are We Still Afraid?" tells the story of Israel since he came to the Holy Land in 1972  for three years, and decided to stay.  Its table of contents looks like chapters in a text book about Israel: Peace, security, society, state and church, Israeli Arabs, the media. But this is very deceiving. The book is a very personal one, with a great sense of humor, with a lot of criticism, but with a lot of love for Israel and its people. I accept a lot of Mark's insights, and I oppose some of them, but I enjoyed every page, because of his unique angle and because of his unique talent to share his way of seeing things with his readers.”--Yossi Beilin, Israeli peacemaker

“I learned a ton from the book. How incredible to have all those years of experience here. And how tragic that the industry evolved in such a way that experience was no longer an advantage by the end of your career. 
“So many people write about Israel, and so few have anything useful to say. Mark Lavie is one of the few. Here’s a colorful and detailed account of 46 years of life and journalism in the Jewish state from one of the most experienced guys in the business, known to millions as the booming and authoritative voice of the CBC, AP, and the Voice of Israel – and to his friends and admirers as a rare voice of integrity. Anyone looking for perspective and depth beyond the superficial headlines, and for touching human characters beneath the political caricatures, will find them in Why Are We Still Afraid?”--Matti Friedman, author of Pumpkinflowers

“Given Lavie’s experience, his politics and his ringside seat, his message deserves as broad an audience as possible.”-- Lori Lowenthal Marcus, The Jewish Press

“I got great value and pleasure from your book. Yours is a life well lived – and observed, and through your experiences we get a glimpse at what you’ve experienced up close. Your insights are wonderful in all their complexity, underscored by the way you’ve organized the subjects roaming through relevant coverage over the years.  So it’s interesting to see where certain things have changed while others remain as perplexing as ever.” --Paul Michaels, longtime liaison between the Canadian Jewish community and the media


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I’m a foreign correspondent living and working in the Middle East since 1972 as a radio news broadcaster, print writer and editor, and news analyst, based most of the time in Israel.

"Why Are We Still Afraid?'' my second book, is based on 46 years worth of personal experiences, drawing on my articles to paint a real-time picture of Israel (and me) growing up. 

I lived in Cairo from 2011-2013, covering the Arab Spring. It changed my understanding of the region, and I share that with you through my first book, Broken Spring.

I’m available as an on-air and print analyst for Israel and Middle East affairs, and I embark on lecture tours in North America several times a year.

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